Wednesday, April 14, 2010


She loves playing with them.

There is something magical about seeing your child explore how something works and what they can do with it.

Banging toys against other objects creating "music" seems to have been all the rage at the moment.

However there are times when she grasps a toy in those tiny little hands, studies it with those big blue eyes, gives it the quick 'taste test' to make sure its all okay, before amazingly using the toy for its intended purpose.

My clever little girl. Yesterday we explored play dough. The non-toxic variety in case of consumption, which I might add is highly likely to be consumed with any 13mth old child. The way she manipulated it in her hands. exploring the texture...just gorgeous.
Memories of toys that I played with in the past come flooding back when I watch her play.

Wouldn't it be great if as adults, we could take some time out just to play? How good would that be for the mind, body & spirit? I guess as a mum, I am fortunate enough that I can use my daughter as an excuse as to why I am playing with toys.

Lego was a big favourite of mine. I still can not believe that there is a place in the States called 'LegoLand'! It would be great to sit down and build something with lego right now.
Would love you to comment on this blog telling me what your favourite toy was growing up.

Maybe it was one of the images above? Maybe something different?

J. Robert Oppenheimer was quoted so well in Pearls of Wisdom,
There are children playing in the street who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perceptions that I lost long ago.

So keep playing. You never know when you may be called upon to solve a tricky physics problem :)


  1. Hi there, I have a recipe for edible playdough on my site, if you're interested.

  2. Awesome. Thanks Shelly! That may come in handy!