Friday, April 9, 2010

"Mmmm...You smell like sunshine!"

Several studies have shown that regular, unstructured playtime in nature makes kids smarter, calmer, more self-disciplined, more cooperative, and happier. As a child, I loved going outdoors. Sometimes it would be to play with my sisters on the trampoline, explore the reserve that backed onto our property, practice throwing netball passes, ride our bikes on the driveway and footpath or my number one favourite; to play with our dog Laddie. Miss you mate.

I want to make sure my daughter experiences that as well. I want to cuddle her on the lounge at the end of the day and inhale her beautiful scent and whisper to her "Mmmm, you smell like sunshine."

This afternoon Ashlyn, Winston, Max & I headed off to the park for some much needed sunshine. At the mere mention of the word 'walkies', the residents of our home were in a state of uncontrollable excitement to be heading out the door. Leads, drinks, baby bag, pram, camera and if Winston had a baby bag, his most important must have item to be packed would be a ball, so that was also included.

On arrival at the park, there was a race to see whose feet could touch the ground first.

The grass is just amazing at this time of year. Soccer season is just about to start so the grass is in pristine condition. It is a lush shade of green that is soft underfoot and I am sure the boys loved it under their paw pads.

There were many good times to be had.
Grass to run like the wind on...

New play equipment to explore...
Slippery Dips to slide on...
And at the end of the day, someone needed a ride home. It's a tough life!

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