Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the dog house!

So I am sure you have heard of the phrase 'in the dog house.' More commonly associated with the male species being in 'it', but have you ever thought about what it would be like to sleep in the dog house?

I suppose most wouldn't mind if the 'dog house' meant one of these pads....

Even better if it came with a pool....
I think the rapper Xzibit would be pretty impressed with these 'pimped up dog houses'.

My random thoughts led me to ponder this question when thinking about my fur babies and their sleeping quarters.
My paw padded friends dont actually have a 'dog house' that I can 'pimp up,' as they seem to be under the impression that our king sized bed is for thetaking.
In fact, it seems to be in our house that there is a race to see who can get to bed first to secure the best spot. As I write this,
Winston has already secured prime spot on top of all the pillows.

Must love comfort!

So I am interested to know....
Where do your fur babies sleep?


  1. our Fur babies sleep on our bed. normaly on my side. they also have a "cat house" which is a warm little tent thing, but that only gets used for day sleeps.

  2. Believe it or not, half a 44 gallon drum, cut sideways, filled with hessian sacks (legs on the bottom of it too, obviously). And loves it!!

  3. We have a kitten that loves to sleep on our littlest bed, 90% of the time he is there or on our bed even though he has his own!

    I love the bone shaped pool :)