Thursday, April 29, 2010

Show us your Mess!

I have 4 of them (lucky me).
One Miss Messy child.
Two dogs.
And a man.

One thing I have learnt since being a mum, is that there always seems to be a lot of mess!

Some people have messy closets or maybe messy drawers.
Some have messy cars, or
messy children or the worst of all... messy husbands.

I don't really cope with mess very well and I seem to spend most of my days at home with my little one shadowing her and picking up all the things that she likes to 'unpack'. I really can't wait until she learns how to pack up things.

In saying all of that, I feel that I have coped quite well with the mess that is made during meal times. Not sure whether it is the fact that there is something about seeing the look of joy on her face when she makes a mess or the comforting fact that I know there are two furry friends who are right there to clean up any of the missiles of food that go flying from the high chair in an instant!

Example below is Miss A having icecream on her first birthday. No need for a spoon when you are one year old! The look of shock on her her face is the realisation that there is no Winston or Max at the restaurant to clean up her mess! Lucky for us, the restaurant was very good about the mess that was made.

So now that I have been honest about the mess that goes on at our house, it's time for everyone else to come clean and spill your mess.

Feature your mess in your blog and be sure to tag Paw Pads and Twinkle Toes as we would love to know that we aren't alone in our messy little world!


  1. Haha. Show us your mess. Awesome. I might just do that. My office before the makeover was quite the mess. No adorable kiddies for me to show off yet tho.

    Thanks for dropping by Suger Coat It. And FYI we had a purple Friday, check it out by clicking on the Friday label at the bottom of the post.


  2. I'd love to see your mess Mel! Ir doesn't take kiddies to have a mess. I am off to check out Purple Friday! x

  3. Awesome game Ali!! I will get back to you with this one :)

  4. Oh, we always have plenty of mess here. I can't imagine life without it! x