Thursday, April 8, 2010

Melting Moments

Ever wondered how magical it could be to have your child grow up with a dog?
Have a look at these melting moments that I have found for you.
I am sure they will make you smile...

Are you smiling yet...

One of my favourites...

And saving the best until last...

My three babies
Max, Ashlyn & Winston xo


  1. Hi Ali et al,

    It was great to receive your news & to see your interest in writing - a very worthwhile career!
    We loved the photos & background info & look forward to future postings.
    This is all a bit new for us also, tho Trevor has been talking about setting up his own Blog for some time & you have spurred him on to take action!
    We are not sure how everything connects up so it will be a new learning curve for us all.
    Congratulations on a great start, Love Eve xxxxx

  2. Thanks Eve,
    Happy to help Trev get started. Its a but of a learning curve but there are some great features.