Saturday, April 10, 2010


Aren't they just the best!

I remember the first time I cuddled my newborn baby... breathing in that intoxicating scent of her skin, the scent that sent shock waves of love right through my mind, body and soul...
I knew I was in love.
Just like the Huggies commercial had told me in all those months of pregnancy;
"Must be"
This was my Huggies cuddle momentDuring those precious moments when Ashlyn would just snuggle in, falling asleep in my arms; I imagined all the amazing times ahead for our family.
I can remember telling my partner that I just simply could not wait until my precious little girl would walk up to me with arms wide open and give me a big cuddle with arms wide open.

Well today I said to my little one,
"Mummy wants a cuddle".
I opened up my arms. She looked up with those amazing blue eyes, smiled and came toddling up to me with arms wide open. With that, she wrapped those little arms around me as far they would go.
Two words to describe that feeling...."PURE HEAVEN!"My heart crumbled into a million pieces. I think the only thing that could possibly top that will be the day that she utters 4 magical little words...
"I love you mummy"

Good times. Good times.

We spent some time outside today.

On a blanket in the backyard, we took our favourite toy Shaun the Sheep along with some other random things to amuse us and we were set for some fun in the sun.
We are absolutely loving these Autumn days where the sun is just enough to warm your skin and the air is fresh.

The dogs were never too far away.

Winston had quickly stolen a ball from Ashlyn's ball pit on the back verandah and was out running a muck. Max chose to soak up some of the suns rays whilst having a snooze. Ashlyn started exploring her basket of goodies and I got snap happy!Enjoying a French baguette!


  1. So beautiful isn't it? And just when you think your heart couldn't possibly be any more full, they'll break out the I love you's ... or in my daughters case "I loves you"

  2. Totally on the same page as you Holly! That is so cute of your daughter. Cant wait for that moment <3