Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Magical Moments from the past

It is hard to start a blog about Ashlyn, Winston & Max when so many magical moments have already occured.
Like when Max first came home, only to get very sick with Parvo Virus. I honestly believe if he hadn't come into our home filled with love,met his big brother Winston and his new human mummy & daddy, then maybe he sadly wouldn't have been with us today.

Lucky for us he is a real fighter and made it through those tough early days.

When I was 9 months pregnant with Ashlyn and 10 days overdue, Winston cuddled up to my huge baby bump and showed me a love for his new little sister and a protective instinct that words can not describe.
He knew that she was soon to be here... maybe even before we did...

When bringing Ashlyn home, Angus & I had no fear about how Winston & Max would interact and accept her into our family.

We had made 'pack life' pretty cruisy for our two fur babies but there has always been a definite heirarchy and no discrepencies over the order of our pack. Angus made sure that as leader, the dogs knew that Ashlyn was above them.
Ashlyn bought new meaning to the dogs life. At first glance there were inquisitive eyes from all parties and then some accepting licks placed on Ashlyn's feet. It was then that our pack became five.

Ashlyn became of great importance to Winston & Max. They would watch over her like she was a puppy of their own and would soon learn that she would become a fantastic food source!

On the day that this photo was taken in December 2009, Winston, Ashlyn & Max were
discovering and taking joy in the most simple thing....

A blade of grass...just magic!

To describe each and every moment of interaction between these three beautiful friends and their lives so far would be far more difficult than you could possibly imagine.

I hope over time I can add in lots of details about their lives, how they happen to come into our lives and the journeys and adventures that each one has been on so far.

In the mean time, I am hoping pictures will speak volumes...

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  1. This is the cutest!! It made my heart melt, especially the last pic. Just gorgeous!