Friday, June 4, 2010

Rain - stay & play OR go away?

It seems like it has been raining forever where I live and the forecast says more rain.

All of this rain turns our house into a laundromat with clothes hanging everywhere trying to dry (we really should have invested in a dryer instead of that plasma), Our dogs go stir crazy as they sit and stare out the window wondering when their next walk will be. The house turns into 'Toy Central' as every toy in the house seems to be pulled out, played with and then discarded like it is yesterday's newspaper. The television seems to be on more than usual (Ah that's why we invested in the plasma and not the dryer). Getting out of the house with a child becomes Mission Impossible when your child insists that they wish to walk on their twinkle toes instead of being carried quickly to the car.

However there are many things that are beautiful about rain. Like the smell of rain on freshly cut grass. The way it washes away the dirt on the car you haven't washed for 6 months. The soothing sound of rain falling on rooftops, lulling little twinkle toes and their mums and dads into the land of sleep. It brings families together as they sit and watch the rain fall from the comfort of their warm, toasty home.The rainbows that come out after the rain and the fresh start it gives to all it has fallen upon. Splashing gumboots get to come out to play. What fun they are!

And boy did my Little twinkle toes have fun in her gumboots!

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