Sunday, June 20, 2010

In the Night Garden

It's a strange little show but Miss Twinkle Toes loves it.

She has her Iggle Piggle and turns around to give me the biggest smiles when she hears the beautiful twinkle music at the start of the show.

Mummy only bought the small version of Iggle Piggle, he has now lost his blanket but is kept warm all night with lots of snuggles (when he isnt thrown from the cot.

I now have to avoid the Iggle Piggles in the toy sections at stores as someone knows that there are better ones out there that sing and move after I made the mistake of once showing her.

Amazing that she remembers!

Yesterday we decided to spend some time in our night garden, during the day! The afternoon sun was glorious as it warmed us from the cold Winter air and gave us opportunities to explore our garden. My little one looked like an angel sent from Heaven as the sun gave her that magical glow.

Miss Twinkle Toes decided to go on a collecting stones mission.

Look at those curls!

 It seems that she is following in the path of Makka Pakka (one of the show's characters) who has a stone obsession! I really do wonder about the creators of these shows and what they were doing (or taking) when writing scripts.

For your info, this is Makka Pakka.
 He lives in a stone house and puts stacks of stones on top of each other.
His sleep toy is a stone...
Wonder if he will end up being a stoner?  LOL!

It also seems that yesterday there was a bit of role reversal with the little Twinkle toes and paw padded fur babies.

Ashlyn decided to close the door behind her and then wondered why Winston & Max were on the inside looking out when it is normally Miss Twinkle Toes on the other side.
I think they were wondering the same thing.

I hope that everyone else is enjoying their weekend.

Until next times adventures....

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