Friday, June 4, 2010

Fur Baby Max celebrates his 3rd birthday!


Today is his birthday. He is 3 human years old.

We didn't think he would make it past his 1st birthday so we are so happy that he is celebrating being 3.

I like to celebrate my fur babies birthdays with their favourite meal. They get a special birthday dinner and celebrate their day with their best mates.

Max's 1st Birthday
Max's 2nd Birthday. Celebrated with Winston & Ashlyn.
Dinner- 2 steak cupcakes each (not for 3mth old Ashlyn though)
Max's 3rd Birthday! Celebrated with Winston & Ashlyn
Main course: Steak all round!
And yes my fur babies are that well trained that they will not touch their food until they are given the go ahead.
The Birthday Fur Boy - Max.

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How do you celebrate your fur babies birthdays?
Maybe you don't at all. That's okay. I am sure they know they are loved.
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