Monday, June 21, 2010

Passing on favourite childhood memories

This post was inspired by the gorgeous Lauren from Homemade by Lauren. Lauren had been writing about some beautiful times with her boys watching one of her favourite childhood TV shows.

I started to think about the things that I enjoyed from my childhood and what I wanted to share with Miss Twinkle Toes.

So many magical memories come to mind. I grew up with to other sisters. One older, one younger. There were some things we liked to do alone and other things that were so much fun to share with a sister. All very dependent on who was being nice to each other on the day.

Here are a few of my favourites to pass on...

I can't wait to build lego cities that come to life with little hands and big imaginations....
I can't wait until I show her the thrill of bouncing high into the sky on a trampoline and feeling the air under your feet...
I can't wait to share the joy of solving puzzles together (and the frustration of realising there are missing pieces) that take days, weeks, months to complete.
I can't wait to laugh at how funny the Sooty & Sweep Show is! 
I can't wait to introduce her to neighbourhood kids so that they can play for hours on end in the cubby house until their mums call them home for dinner.
I can't wait for her to play backyard cricket with her Daddy and see the pride in his eyes of sharing with her something he enjoys so much.
There are so many memories and pastimes to share. I can't list them all but would love to know,

What childhood memories of yours you would like to pass on to your children or future children?


  1. What a lovely post!!! I love sooty - such innocent fun! I love the mummy journey...wonderful hey!!!